How to change bulbs in pokies machines

How to change the lights, bulbs as well as clean the pokies machine that you bought recently?

How to change bulbs in pokies machines

You have recently bought old or refurbished pokies machines which was on sale at an online site. You brought it home after all the legal documentations and approval to own a pokie machine. But like any other things that you buy for yourself or for your home specially any such machine or appliances you need to have proper maintenance of your product. Here are some so ways hat you need to do to change few lights and bulbs once you purchased pokies machines on sale.

You need to change the top florescent light

Like any other bulb in an appliance, the top florescent light bulb needs to be changed from time to time specially if it gets fused. The replacement bulb is an F15T8/CW 18 or 15 Watt bulb which is available at most hardware and department stores.

All you need to do is to open the main pokies  machine door and when the door is fully open turn off the power to the pokies machine. The power switch can be found with the main door open about midway down on the right side just inside the machine.

If the machine is equipped with a top ticket printer, you must pull the bottom of the printer out far enough to see where the ticket paper is located.

Remove the top metal trim strip which is a cover plate to the right of the ticket printer and/or is located along the bottom of the top glass. There are a couple of clips on the back of the metal trim strip that fit into notches on metal bracket which holds the top glass.

The metal trim strip should be lifted upwards and outwards to remove. Once the metal trim strip is removed, now remove the top glass. Note that some top metal trim strips have a pokies in the top that holds the top glass and they must be removed very gently as to not damage or drop the top glass.

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Slowly lift up on the top glass from both bottom edges until the top glass until it is high enough to gently pull it forward and allowing it to slide down and away from the top track and clips holding it in place.Once the top glass has been removed, put it somewhere where it will not get knocked over or broken!

You will see the florescent bulb in the middle of the top box area of the machine. Care should be taken removing the bulb as it may be very hot. Remove the old bulb by twisting the florescent tube about a quarter to half turn allowing the two prongs on the bulb to slide out of the fixture on both sides of the bulb.

Change lights in pokies machines


To install the new bulb, align the two prongs on each side of the florescent tube with the slits on each fixture in the top box of the slot machine. Twist the bulb into place normally using about a quarter to half of a turn. If the bulb is not secure or aligned, repeat the procedure.

In an IGT S Plus machine, it is equipped with a florescent bulb starter. You can replace the starter when replacing the florescent light bulb. The starter is an FS-U Universal Starter. They are available at most hardware and department stores. The starter for the top florescent bulb on an IGT S Plus machine is located directly behind the florescent bulb fixture on the left side of the pokies machine in the top box area.

It is replaced by twisting about a quarter to half a turn as it is held in place with a bayonet type mount. Remove the old starter and discard. Replace with a new FS-U Universal Starter by aligning the two pins on the bottom of the starter with the notches in the starter receptacle, pushing it up into the starter socket, and then twisting it a quarter to half a turn into place.

Prior to re-installing the top glass, turn the power switch on the right inside of the machine on to verify the bulb works properly. If it does not, turn the power off and check that the bulb is properly installed and secure. If replacing a starter, check that it is also properly installed and secure.

repairing old pokies bulbs

You may need to replace the top glass

The pokies machine with a top ticket printer, you need to pulled out so you can place your fingers in the opening while replacing the top glass. Carefully and slowly lift up the top glass placing each hand under the bottom of the top glass. Slide it into the upper edge track on the top box of the slot machine carefully lifting it so it slides into the tracks while being able to push the top glass back far enough to clear the two or three raised clips on the metal bracket where the top glass holding track is located.

Gently and slowly lower the top glass behind the clips so as to allow them to hold the glass in place. If properly secured, the top glass will not be able to slide down or out of its position. Keep a secure hold on the top glass until you are certain it is secured in the proper position.

Replace the top metal trim strip by aligning the two or three hooks the back through the metal bracket that supports and holds the top glass. Once the hooks on the back are in place, gently push the top metal trim strip down and it should snap into place. If you have a pokies machine with a top ticket printer, close it tight into position. Now close the main pokies machine door and your machine is ready to use.

Replace the Push Button Bulbs

There are push button lights on a pokies machie such Play Max Credits, Spin Reels, Bet One Credit, etc. and for their regular maintenance they are easily replaced. The replacement bulbs are #161 on IGT S2000 machines and #555 on IGT S+ machines, Again you need to fully open the pokies machine door and look on the backside of the door. Each push button will extend down from the shelf on the door and will have a small wire bundle going to it. Identify which push button bulb needs to be replaced.

Carefully pull down on the bottom of the push button area that is normally white and is where you will see wiring connected. Using your thumb and two fingers, pull straight down and the bottom portion of the push button should snap out.

You will now be able to see the bulb in the top area of the lower push button assembly. Use caution as the bulb may be very hot. Pull the wedge bulb out and discard it. Notice the slot in which the bulb located.

Place a new bulb in the slot noting the direction of slot ensuring the new wedge bulb is inserted so as to line up in the slot. Push the new bulb into place.

Bulb Lights in Pokies

Replace the bottom of the push button assembly by inserting it into the top portion of the push button assembly. The bottom portion will snap into position. Ensure that none of the wire connections have been accidentally knocked loose on the bottom of the push button. Note the push button light will not illuminate until the slot machine door is closed. Finallu shut the main pokies door.

Replacing the Small Panel Lights that Illuminates Denomination Amount

The small panel lights that illuminate the denomination amount and other areas behind the glass are easily changed. For denomination amount lights on the IGT S2000, a #73 bulb is needed and a #86 bulb is needed on the IGT S+ pokies machines.

Fully open the pokies machine door. Look on the backside of the door. Note the location where the denomination amount would be located near the center just below the pokies machine’s center glass. The area will appear to be flat with a small bulb holder projecting out that is slightly larger in diameter than a regular pencil and is flat on two or four sides.

This bulb holder is removed by simply twisting it a quarter to half a turn and then gently pulling it out of its socket. It is held in place by somewhat of a bayonet type mount. Once the bulb holder is removed, pull the wedge bulb out of the socket and discard the old bulb. Caution should be taken as the old bulb may be very hot. Replace the bulb by firmly inserting a new bulb into the socket of the bulb holder being careful to align the wedge bulb correctly into the pokies

Take the bulb holder and look for two notches on each side of the opening where the bulb holder is inserted. Note there are two notches on the bulb holder. Align the notches inserting the bulb holder into the panel. Gently twist the bulb holder about a quarter to half a turn to lock it into place. Verify the bulb is illuminating, and if not repeat the procedure using a different new bulb. Now close the main pokies machine door and ready to play.

Finally remember that once you have pokies machines with you, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Usually nothing more than a damp cloth is all that is needed to clean the exterior cabinet of your pokies machine. Never use any abrasive or ammonia based cleaners on the cabinet of the machine.

The pokies machine top, center and belly glasses may all be cleaned on the outside by using a window cleaner such as Windex. However if you own a pokies machine with a frosted exterior glass or one that has any exterior decorated markings such as stars, a window cleaner should not be used as the cleaner may damage the exterior images. Care should be taken cleaning interior glass as a cleaner and cloth may damage labels or markings.

Note that the inside of the pokies machine should not require cleaning other than occasionally removing dust. This can normally be done with a damp clean cloth, however ensure the power switch has been turned off prior to cleaning.

When wiping dust inside your machine, be careful not to loosen any wires or connections. Do not use a damp cloth on the face of your reel strips as the playing symbols on the reel strips could come off or become torn. Also be very careful not to touch the back side of your reel strips with a damp cloth especially if the back sides of the reel strips are black. This can cause damage to this type reel strip. Note that pokies machine should require little cleaning other than dusting the exterior. (with inputs from pokies expert)

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