Can I buy a pokies machine from Las Vegas?

Can I buy a pokies machine from Las Vegas?

Well if you are a citizen of Australia or reside in Australia, you cannot buy pokies machines from Las Vegas. Las Vegas does sell pokies machines. So you need to be a citizen of the USA to buy pokies machines from there. That too has certain complications. All you need is to contact various casinos on the strip and find out if they are selling out any old pokies machines as they do often have real pokies machines on sale. As an Australian, the best option to buy pokies in Australia is to visit online sites that sell pokies machines and ship it to Australia. You also need to know that you require a state license from Australia to have pokies machines.

Actually these Las Vegas casinos buy new pokies and want to get rid of old ones. Also when a casino closes down, and as such venues often have hundreds if not thousands of pokies machines they once you to have on their gaming floors, they will be eager to sell on those pokies machines, to get some final income for their now-defunct venues.

But you need to remember one thing before you go to buy these old pokies machines in Las Vegas. If you are based and living in Las Vegas or Nevada, then there are no laws that do not permit you to own a pokies machine or any number of pokies machines in your own home but keep in mind that each US State and often each country of the world too will have their own laws and regulations as to whether it is legal to own a pokies machine. So even if you are an American citizen, you need to check your state legalities and law before moving forward.

Where to buy real pokies machines for sale?

Where to buy real pokies machines for sale?

Though we have talked about this many times in our previous blogs that in Australia you need a license to buy old or new pokies machines. Also, each state has its own rules and regulations.

But if you are in Las Vegas then you will find many pokies machine distributors that are available throughout the State, due to them supplying new pokies machines to casinos they often have a large number of older pokies machines that they have taken away from such venues. These pokies machine distributers even give you a warranty or guarantee on the pokies machine for sale. Also, you will find these pokies machines in full working conditions.  You might in few cases  need to buy some new locks for any pokies machine as when a pokies is removed from a casinos gaming floor they will have the security locks removed, so do keep that in mind when you working out how much to spend on a machine.

The most important thing is that at Las Vegas when you meet the actual pokies machine distributors, you will often be able to view in person all of the pokies machines available for sale and be able to see them, touch them and in some cases also be able to give them a little bit of play before you do hand over your cash to purchase any of them.

If you cannot go to Las Vegas or you are in Vegas but cannot go physically to buy a pokies machine then the best option is to buy online. There are many online sites in the united states that offer pokies machines for sale. Also there are many auction sites for pokies too to check out. Most popular sites are eBay, Amazon and Alibaba. Having said that though there is always going to be a very good chance that you could end up getting a bargain when using such sites, but there are some other important things to be aware of when buying a pokies machine in Las Vegas from eBay.

Note that many sites offer free delivery and have one year warranty on pokies machines, but at few sites there might be delivery fees and charges.

Also you need to check the functioning of the pokies machines, which is only possible if you see the machines yourself. The best way is to ask the online seller for a 30 day payback in case the pokies machine is faulty at delivery or talk with the seller as how he can show you that the pokies machines work fine. Finally, always ask for sellers’ full contact address in case you need any help.

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