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Amazon and eBay Selling Useful Accessories for Pokies Machines

Amazon and EBay selling useful accessories for pokies machines

Pokies machines for sale also come with different accessories. Accessories are the related parts of pokies machines that are necessary to operate pokies machine for fully functional machine. Accessories are important if you want to use a pokies machine for commercial or business purpose. You can find necessary pokies accessories at Amazon and Ebay online stores.

Amazon and EBay selling useful accessories for pokies machines

Here are the five important accessories for pokies machines that you can find at Amazon and Ebay

  1. Coin Handling
  2. Ticket in/Ticket Out
  3. Stands
  4. Ticket Paper
  5. Tokens

Coin Handling

Coin Handling machines

Coin Handling is important accessory for pokies machine. The coin handling pokies machines accept and dispense quarters or quarter sized tokens. The coin handling trays come with coin sizes like nickels, half dollars and dollars size. Coin Handling accessories come with $145 price that includes all parts, installation and reprogramming of pokies machine.

Ticket in/Ticket Out

Ticket in Ticket out machines

Ticket In and Ticket Out accessory of a pokies machine is also another important component. You can install the kit to allow pokies machine to accept printed tickets back into the machine for credits just like at the casino. This accessory enables pokies machine to free play without using currency. Price Includes Kit, Installation and Re-programming of Pokies Machine

You need to but note that not all pokies machines work on this accessory. The cost of this accessory is $125.

Pokies Machine Stands

Pokies machine stands

Pokies Machine stands come according to different size and colors. There are wooden or steel frame stands. Stands are designed for footrest in front and added comfort. With heavy duty steel construction they support the weight of pokies machine. Top cutouts allow power cord to drop to interior of stand. The standard stand measurement is  32” WIDE X 18” DEEP X 19″ HIGH. The cost of the stand is $170.

Ticket Paper

Ticket paper machines

Ticket Paper is a paper used to print the pokies machine tickets. Ticket Paper works as a replacement blank ticket paper for many pokies machines for  IGT, Williams and Bally Pokies Machine Tickets. Also ticket paper fits most pokies machine coinless gaming printers. These paper have printed sensor mark on Tickets. You can get them in 200 or more sheets per pack and sold as two packs also. The price range from $12- $25.

Pokies machine Quarter Size Tokens

Coin machines

As tokens are used for pokies machine. These tokens are made of brass and come in different sizes like quarter size tokens. For instance, the designs on each of them are going to be different, obviously, since one is actual currency and the other only represents currency to be cashed in for the real thing later.

Many tokens have an Eagle & Stars on One Side and No Cash Value on the Other. These tokens are sold in Packages of 100 Each or more. These pack cost $18 or more.

Besides these five important accessories on sale for pokies machines, there are many other useful accessories like the bulb, screen, LED of the pokies machine and various other components.

Remember the pokies machines accessories also come with a year’s warranty. You can buy these accessories online from Amazon or eBay as well as from your nearest pokies machine store.

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