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Pokie Machine LOT modern one arm bandit – Casino machine
Can confirm most work – we played them over x-mass, you need a US $100 or US bill, you can have it set to a currency of your choice with diffrent note reader firmware. So bring one on pick up. 
Payment at end of auction by paypal – Not on pickup  – No exceptions 
You get whats in the photo and the video . And some parts and I think 1 or 2 others – same type but not working I think 4-6 in total – The Lot 

We dont want to attract any negative attention for selling them, thats why you must pay before we give you the pickup address. 
Some poker machines you are not allowed to have some you are, but who wants the hassle ? Not me . 
Only interested buyers and serious buyers pay first. 
Up for sale is a lot of pokie machines 
Poker machines with note readers and all the rest. 
They are one-arm bandits but electronic so you don’t need to pull the handle. 
Set up to use US currency, they are electronic and from a Casino, you properly would see the same ones if you went overseas.
 I don’t know a lot about them, as I am selling for a friend that has moved and they are in storage now collecting dust. 
This is what I do know. 3 of them you can just plug in and play they are working. You can feed it US bills. One of the 3 machines needs another note box, you can buy from ebay from USA or you can pull one from the other machine and feed it and playon. .
 The forth machine on the left in the video needs an upgrade / flash / chip to get working. you can buy parts from ebay USA . 
There is 1 or 2 other machines that come with the lot. I can confirm you get all 4 in the video, but you may get 1 or 2 more.. You are getting the lot quality is unconfirmed. But must take the lot 4 -6 ?
 Guaranteed 4 with 3 working but I think there is 4-6 in total
Good for man cave.  
Fun for the whole family ? 
Parts available 
 What you see in the video is what you get & some  
They are not Australian machines, so you can have them 
 The locks have been removed, cheap to replace from ebay. 
 3 out of the lot you just plug in, the rest will need something fixed or replaced. 
 The guy who had them who has moved and spent over $3000 on parts 
and $2000 to buy and $1000 on shipping and non of them were working as note readers were missing. Now 3 are working, 
This is a bargain and you wont be able to get any more like this.. 
Must be sold – no room to keep –  
I know nothing about the parts or flashing chips apart from what’s above, 
You are buying “as is where is”, and the video was taken 3 months ago, so its a fair look and description. Im telling you everything I know , so you will have a good description as to what you are getting and be happy with. 
They will have to be taken out of storage for winning bidder. So “No I’m not going to drag them out for you to have a look and ask silly questions on my weekend” 
 Take the lot – Bargain – you will never be able to get this type of machine in Australia again. The weight is about 60-80 kg each, and about 150cm high 70cm wide and 70cm deep
Just to get one machine imported will cost you well over $2500 if it makes it past customs 
 I have done some research and any Australian machines including parts are forbidden to have, if the machine is not an Australian delivered machine its outside the legislation. 
So all those people with old pokies machines in their garage should not have them and could get into trouble. That’s what was the main point of this machines, something that you can have and play with., sit around drinking beer in a garage and teach the kids how to play.
Winning bidder to pay in full by paypal within 24 hours, so I can pay the owner,
They will then be moved from storage to a place to pickup. “Glenhaven NSW”
They will be left in the driveway for you to pick up, 
You will need to people to load as they are heavy – you can drive in and load and drive out. 
PAYPAL only no Cash  
Buy it now $5,000


3 are working now, pull and play

1 needs a note reader 

the others need something, but you can buy parts on ebay. Yes you can get them working



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