New BELATRA high end Siberian Gamble POKER MACHINE retails for $6,000.00


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Please take a moment to look at our over 5,600 – 100% positive feedback.

You are buying a fairly new Siberian Gamble Belatra Poker machine.  This is not the cheap machines being sold. This is a professional machines similar to those found in Vegas.  This was used slightly at a trade show. This did not come with a main circuit board so we did buy one for it ($500 value).  Please note that we do not have any experience with these machines so it would be best if you knew how to work on these.  We do not know how to work the bill acceptor but we have not spent a lot of time trying to.  For some reason the sound is not working but this maybe something simple.  The touch screen was working but when we played around with it, we accidentally turned it off and do not know how to turn it back on.  These retail for $6,000.00 but this is your chance to buy one for only $1299.99 plus shipping.  We will fully crate these for free but the buyer will need to arrange and pay for freight shipping.  These will be picked up at our commercial warehouse in Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 and we do have a loading dock here.


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