What is the new Buy Feature in Wazdan pokies

What Is The New Buy Feature In Wazdan Pokies?

What is the new Buy Feature in Wazdan pokies

The new Buy Feature in Wazdan pokies enables instant bonus purchase option. Lately the Malta-based iGaming software provider, Wazdan, has revealed The Buy Feature, its brand new games feature, created to give players instant options to purchase bonuses across all of its games.

The new feature can be engaged by payers whenever they choose, which eliminates having to wait for bonuses to be activated during gameplay and instead select the feature they like at any point during their game. It adds an extra element of excitement to the game and has been shown to heighten player retention.

In which Wazdan pokies you can find buy feature?

The new buy feature which is fun and simple to use is available with all of Wazdan’s new games and is already an option on recently released following titles including the Asian-themed, 3-reel, 8-pay line online pokies.

1. 9 Tigers

9 Tigers slot
9 Tigers slot

With 9 Tigers everyone can be Zen – all it takes is just one moment inside this majestic oriental temple! Beautifully executed visuals will enchant every player and captivating gameplay will make sure that nobody wants to leave the world where 9 Tigers reign.

From the very beginning, the Yin and Yang forces embrace the players who enter the oriental world of 9 Tigers. This pokies triggers an irresistible desire to maintain internal balance. Two elements – fire and water – represented by two tiger symbols awaken the player’s divine power that is necessary to control them and bring natural harmony.

During Tigers Bonus, the tamed tiger must attract the beast representing the opposite element so the Yin and Yang balance is maintained. As ancient spirits can be very generous, the players who successfully unite fire and water tigers can expect the highest wins! This engaging pokies, set in the land of beautiful Chinese gardens, will evoke positive as well as nostalgic feelings. The calm, relaxing music helps in achieving inner peace, while the tigers awaken the force to fight. These two feelings allow the players to maintain a holistic balance – just like Yin and Yang symbols.

2. Black Horse Deluxe

Black horse
Black horse Deluxe

Black Horse Deluxe unleashes the secrets and true beauty of the Wild West. Black Horse Deluxe features a magnificent black stallion, a cowboy and a cowgirl who support the players and invite them to have fun together. This engaging game will surely captivate even the most demanding players.

Filling the bonus counter activates a generous Black Horse Spins bonus, during which the player can collect up to 6 gold coins that provide the highest win possible. The Unique Gamble Feature introduces one of the most famous cowboy pastimes. Winning the horseshoe throwing contest doubles the win in an instant. During Free Spins, the player accompanied by a cowgirl and a cowboy gets on the horse to try and score the highest prizes.

This online pokies provide the players with unique experiences and catches their attention from the start. Stunning landscapes and the satisfaction derived from scoring the biggest wins ensure great entertainment.

3. Lucky 9

Lucky 9
Lucky 9 Slot

Lucky 9 introduces players to a colourful, retro world where single pixels can take on huge proportions, allowing them to reminisce about the good old days of the first arcade pokies machines in the company of juicy fruits.

This 6-reel, 20-payline game overflows with some tasty symbols. The sweet, red strawberry offers the highest wins that can be additionally multiplied by the pixelated Variable Win Multiplier. With its value reaching up to x9, players can expect very generous prizes! The starry Scatter triggers Free Spins, during which the x9 Multiplier comes with a rewarding surprise. Landing a special symbol easily increases the number of Free Spins as well. The Unique Gamble Feature provides the player with an opportunity to become a traffic cop.

4. Sonic Reels

Sonic reels
Sonic reels

In this vibrant colours, unique atmosphere and fantastic sound effects ensure an incredibly pleasurable experience that’s nothing like what players have tried before. An original and exceptional pokies that embrace what’s best in the retro style. It will appeal to those players who appreciate innovative audiovisual solutions. During the game, players have a generous number of 729 ways to win at their disposal. Incredible bonuses activated by pumpkin speakers give the player – who gets to observe the process of collecting the accumulator symbols – maximum satisfaction. Those tasty pumpkin speakers grow to a huge size to inform the players that they’ve activated a fantastic bonus. 

During the bonuses, reels move to the left and right and can surprise players with massive wins. Thanks to Unique Gamble Feature everyone can feel like a real DJ. 

How to activate the buy feature in Wazdan pokies machine?

Easy to use just like all Wazdan features, it only takes two clicks to activate the Buy Feature, which makes fast work of allowing players to purchase the bonus they want. Even better, players don’t have to wait to choose the bonus randomly, rather they are able to buy their way to the bonus round. However, the new feature can only be used at lower bet levels and higher bets will be locked depending on the game bet levels.

With this latest Buy Feature to meet the high demand of players seeking the option to buy their bonuses as they please. As with all Wazdan customizable features, the Buy Feature is designed to optimize the player experience, offering seamless navigation through the feature to give players the bonuses they desire.

Designed to tailor games to a player’s preference and boost overall engagement, Unique Wazdan Features, include Volatility Levels, which allow players to either increase or decrease volatility, so both high and low rollers are able to enjoy the gameplay, the Unique Gamble Feature, allowing a 50/50 chance to instantly double wins, Ultra Fast Mode, speeds gameplay, Double Screen Mode and Big Screen Mode, which comes is equipped two zoom modes allowing you to adjust the reels of the game to fill the entire screen. Two more great pokies features, Energy Saving Mode and Ultra Lite Mode can help you save on battery life and decreases game load times.

Wazdan is the Valetta-headquartered online casino software developer and has an impressive library of more than 120 HTML5 pokiess, video poker games and table games. The firm’s spate of games employs random number generators (RNG) certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), which helps to ensure the integrity of gameplay.

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